Lectures & Courses

Please see below for courses run by Professor James McCullagh and Mass Spectrometry Staff.

Organic Spectroscopy, held in Michaelmas Term.

These six lectures introduce the primary spectroscopic methods used in the structural elucidation of organic molecules and build from the short "Introduction to Organic Spectroscopy" 1st Year course. The course starts with a brief review of IR spectroscopy and then introduces the application of NMR Spectroscopy, enabling you to interpret ¹H and ¹³C spectra of simple organic molecules and to identify simple organic structures from their NMR spectra (this runs in parallel with the “Introduction to NMR” 2nd year course which introduces the physical principles of magnetic resonance). The final lectures introduce mass spectrometry and considers the application of these techniques in structure elucidation.

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Advanced Organic Spectroscopy, held in Michaelmas Term.

This six lecture course builds on the introductory material presented in the second year Organic Spectroscopy course, with emphasis on applications of modern NMR and mass spectrometry techniques in organic and biological chemistry.

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Graduate lecture course in Mass Spectrometry, held in Michaelmas Term for part II and graduate students.

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Lecture 1: Introduction to mass spectrometry and principles of ion formation
Lecture 2: Mass analysers: quadrupoles, time of flight, orbitraps and hybrid instruments
Lecture 3: Collisions in vacuum: cooling, activating, and sizing ions
Lecture 4: Ion Chemistry: Inside the mass spectrometer
Lecture 5: Separation methods (chromatography) coupled to mass spectrometry
Lecture 6: Proteomics
Lecture 7: Mass Spectrometry for biophysics and structural biology
Lecture 8: Metabolomics

Useful Reference Material

Henderson & McIndoe: Mass Spectrometry of Inorganic and Organometallic Compounds
Gross: Mass Spectrometry
Hoffmann & Stroobant: Mass Spectrometry: Principles and Applications
Watson & Sparkman: Introduction to Mass Spectrometry: Instrumentation, Applications, and Strategies for Data Interpretation
Boyd & Basic: Trace Quantitative Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Williams & Flemming: Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry
Downard: Mass Spectrometry of Protein Interactions
McLafferty &Tureček: Interpretation of Mass Spectra

Mass Spectrometry Resarch Facility - Scientific induction lecture

Course Material

Metabolomics Data Analysis Workshop - Short day course, organised on request.

In this workshop participants are introduced to tools and approaches for processing, analysing and interpreting mass spectrometry data from metabolomics experiments. This includes data preparation, statistical analysis (multivariate and univariate techniques), biomarker discovery, data visualisation and approaches to functional interpretation, including metabolic pathway mapping. The workshop is suitable for established metabolomics users and those new to the field and is usually delivered online using Teams.

MNova software training

This short annual workshop introduces the use of MNova for MS data processing. The workshop is usually delivered in Trinity Term but additional training sessions can be provided on request.