ESI Accurate Mass

The sample submission service provides high resolution mass spectra and accurate mass data for novel compounds.

If your sample gives an identifiable low resolution spectrum (ie appropriate m/z peaks corresponding to [M+H]+, [M+Na]+, [M-H]-, etc.) and you require an accurate mass measurement for elemental composition, you may submit the sample to the accurate mass service as follows:

  • Log the submission by completing the next available row on the accurate mass ESI Excel spreadsheet (yellow, 1st floor MS room sample login computer).
  • Label the sample vial with the ESI number shown on the Excel spreadsheet using a sticky label. NB. permanent markers are easily washed off with common solvents. Only clearly labelled vials will be accepted.
  • Place the sample vial in the 'Accurate Mass ESI' vial tray (grey) in the fridge, at the position indicated on the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Fill in the general small molecules submission form which can be downloaded here. Type the sample's ESI number from the Excel spreadsheet in the correct field towards the bottom of the form, making sure you tick the 'Electrospray Accurate Mass Analysis’ tick box. Type the open access ID (found on the top right hand corner of the result pdf) in the appropriate field on the form. Samples will not be run without an open access ID unless otherwise agreed with a member of MS staff.
  • Once the form is complete save it with the following naming format: SampleNumber_Name_Group eg. for an ESI service sample: ESI98765_JohnSmith_CJS
  • The form should be submitted electronically by saving it in the new ‘Service Sample Submission’ folder on the Q‐drive: \\\srf\Mass Spectrometry\Service Sample Submission

The sample will be measured by ESI MS as soon as possible. Samples will not be returned other than by special arrangement, contact Victor Mikhailov to request this. Results will be sent by email either as a pdf or Word document.