Proteomics nLC-MS (Elite)

Image of a Thermo Elite mass spectrometer

MS Staff Member:

Elisabete Pires


Basement MS Annex (00.086A)


N/A - Sample submission only

Training required:


Instrument description:

The Orbitrap Elite ETD mass spectrometer is a hybrid mass spectrometer incorporating the Velos Pro™ dual cell linear trap and the high field. In addition to traditional collision-induced dissociation (CID), the Orbitrap Elite mass spectrometer features higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) that provides superior fragmentation and higher-quality MS/MS spectra for many types of samples. Optional electron transfer dissociation (ETD) preserves labile post-translational modifications of proteins. Intelligent data-dependent decision tree (DDDT) logic can combine multiple fragmentation techniques in a single analysis to significantly improve proteome coverage.

Typical applications:

Protein Identification, Protein Label-free Quantification, Protein Post-translational Modification Analysis: Phosphorylation; Crosslinking protein interaction; Glycosylation; Chemical modification; Common modification and uncommon modification, Peptide Characterization, MS/MS and MSn Analysis