LC-MS (Xevo G2-S)

Image of a Waters Xevo G2-S QTof

MS Staff Member:

John Walsby-Tickle


Basement MS (00.097)


Instrument Booking System

Training required:


Training prerequisites:

Previous experience or knowledge of LC-MS systems

Instrument description:

The Waters Xevo G2-S is a bench-top QTOF mass spectrometer, designed for the analysis of a wide range of compounds in complex and challenging samples. The instrument incorporates StepWaveTM ion-transfer optics which increase the efficiency of ion transfer and remove neutral species from the ion beam, increasing sensitivity. The instrument is equiped with an ESI LockSprayTM source to allow accurante mass analysis by direct infusion or by LC. The Acquity UPLC system allows seperation of complex mixtures for small molecule analysis, or desalting for protein analysis.

Typical applications:

High resolution LC-MS, Protein analysis, MS/MS experiments