SFC-MS (UPC2-Xevo G2-XS)

Image of a G2-XS with Acquity LC and UPC2 systems

MS Staff Member:

Elisabete Pires


Basement MS (00.097)


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Training required:


Training prerequisites:

Previous experience using SFC-MS or LC-MS

Instrument description:

The UPC2 uses compressed CO2 as the primary mobile phase to leverage the chromatographic principles and selectivity of normal-phase LC while providing the ease-of-use and method development simplicity of reversed-phase LC. The miscibility of CO2 with a wide range of polar and non-polar organic solvents has made the liquid CO2-based mobile phase versatile enough to separate a much wider range of compounds than reversed-phase chromatography, especially for mixtures containing very hydrophobic and/or polar compounds. Not only can CO2-based mobile phases be used with both polar and non-polar stationary phases, but the chromatography can be influenced by modulating solvent gradients with a much wider choice of columns (including chiral columns) using the same mass spectrometry- compatible co-solvents.

Typical applications:

Lipidomics, Analysis of fatty acids