High-Throughput Screening (RapidFire365‐MS)

Image of an Agilent 6550 iFunnel qTOF

MS Staff Member:

Elisabete Pires


Lower Ground Floor MS (10.057)


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Training required:

Yes, contact Elisabete Pires

Training prerequisites:

Previous experience using LC-MS or High Throughput Screening

Instrument description:

RapidFire365‐MS is a mass spectrometry based approach that provides an automated, label free, direct injection assay, using 96‐well and 384‐well plate format, to assess small molecule inhibition of target enzymes and can also be used for enzyme kinetic studies. The RapidFire365‐MS system comprises a conventional Agilent 6550 quadrupole‐time of flight mass spectrometer coupled directly to a very high-throughput robotic sample injection system, providing a sample throughput rate of 1 sample per ~9 seconds. It takes approximately 1.5 hour per 384 samples. Dedicated software enables deconvolution of data and automated integration using Agilent’s Mass Hunter software platform.

Typical applications:

Small molecules (inhibition of target enzymes), Enzyme kinetic studies