IC-MS (Q Exactive)

Image of a Q Exactive IC-MS

MS Staff Member:

John Walsby-Tickle


Basement MS (00.097)


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Training required:


Instrument description:

Thermo Scientific Q Exactive Hybrid Quadrupole-Orbitrap Mass Spectrometer connected to an ICS-5000+ system allowing ion-exchange chromatography. This benchtop LC-MS/MS system combines quadruple precursor ion selection with high-resolution, accurate-mass Orbitrap detection to deliver exceptional performance and versatility. The Q Exactive Mass Spectrometer is equally useful for untargeted or targeted screening and a broad range of qualitative and quantitative applications in drug discovery, proteomics, environmental and food safety, clinical research and forensic toxicology.

Typical applications:

Metabolomics, High resolution MS/MS projects, Analysis of highly polar/ionic analytes