New Book "Mass Spectrometry"

Cover image of the book "Mass Spectrometry"

Mass Spectrometry, the latest book in the Oxford Chemistry Primers series by James McCullagh and Neil Oldham has just been published and is availiable from Oxford University Press.

  • Focused introductions designed to give students an in-depth understanding of a diverse range of important topics in modern chemistry
  • Frequent diagrams, margin notes, and definitions support students in their learning
  • Questions at the end of every chapter and interactive online questions encourage active learning and promote deep understanding
  • Provides a clear and accessible first introduction to the basic principles of mass spectrometry
  • Reflects the practical elements of mass spectrometry which are an increasingly important focus of undergraduate studies
  • Includes mathematical content tailored to the specific needs and abilities of an undergraduate audience
  • Supplemented by numerous real-life examples, interesting facts about the technique, and links to other textbooks which provide more detailed coverage